‘Complete’ links to Asus EEE PC reviews, videos, pics, forums and more

UPDATES: How to add 3G/HSDPA and touchscreen capabilities and more! 

Following is a list of links to the many reviews and videos on the EEE PC for use by prospective buyers and those who are using them already.

Kindly make a comment if you wish to add updates. Thanks!




Test Drive the EEE PC Online

  • MyEeePC Blog (Philippines) — NEW
  • EeeUser.com – An Unofficial ASUS Eee PC EeePC 701 Community
  • EeeUser.com Forum
  • Ubuntu Forums – Asus Eee PC 701 (Fantastic Ultra Portable PC)
  • TipidPC.com – Asus Eee PC: the $200 ultraportable laptop
  • Wiki, Tweaks, Hacks and How-To’s


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    3. […] This is a new addition to the ‘Complete’ Links on the EEE PC. […]

    4. […] EEE PC has open the floodgates to the entry of many new truly affordable […]

    5. […] 9 will be introduced in the Philippines, we all just have to wait and see. And thank you to the Asus EEE PC for leading the […]

    6. On http://eeepc.itrunsonlinux.com you can alway find the latest info about the Eee PC, or other Netbooks.

    7. […] the last few days, I reformatted my EEE PC and refitted it with two cool operating […]

    8. Another good thing about the Asus Eee pc is that it does not overheat when used over long periods of time. ..

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