Two operating systems for my EEE PC

Over the last few days, I reformatted my EEE PC and refitted it with two cool operating systems.

No, they’re not Windows XP and the pre-installed Xandros.

My EEE PC is now powered by Ubuntu EEE and pupEEE, a variant of Puppy Linux.

Ubuntu is truly a wonder. Its a full-fledged operating system that’s free and cool. I’ve said so many things about Ubuntu and I remain a believer and a user.

pupEEE meanwhile is a really small Linux operating system. pupEEE is easy to use and safe to try. It does not install in your SSD or HD. It is stored in a 256MB memory card and moves all files in RAM on boot-up so everything’s quick and spiffy. It may be small but I haven’t encountered any need to add additional software and everything works — at least every single hardware I needed to use. If you wish to feel more secure, you may save your pupEEE sessions with some nifty encryption. As of the moment, I have yet to try using the built-in webcam.

Why did I install these two? Well, Ubuntu is a really complete installation. There are upsides and downsides to it. Having pupEEE as backup addresses the need for speed and to prolong the life of the SSD.

Why did I ditch Xandros Linux, the built-in OS? Just a matter of preference. I really prefer Ubuntu over any other Linux installation and have recently discovered the fantastic pupEEE.