Washington Post reviews the EEE PC

Another techie is hooked on the EEE PC: After spending a few weeks with the Eee, I can see why people are so excited about this machine. Asus has built something — the lightweight, take-anywhere laptop alternative — that has eluded much larger competitors. Read Rob Pegoraro’s review here. Just a note: Saw a “couple” […]


Gaming, possible on EEE PC!

Michael Kwan of Mobile Magazine, and Gary Cutlack of Tech Digest have good news for EEE PC users who wish that their small notebooks have gaming capability. Michael reminds us though that: There are limitations to the Eee PC and its gaming abilities, of course. For starters, it can only run Half-Life 2 at a […]


EEE PC sold out in Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that the fantabulous EEE PC is a huge success in Australia. According to the paper’s report, more units are set be delivered Down Under very soon. Said the report: Herald technology reviewer David Flynn found the Eee PC was powerful enough to perform most day-to-day tasks such as web […]