Asus to 10-inch, 8GB EEE PC in 2008

Yugatech asks the right question on the reported plan of Asus to introduce to the market a 10-inch, 8GB model of the EEE PC: Will the masses bite?

I suppose a more expensive EEE PC variant will not serve the purpose of democratizing access to cheap notebooks among the lower middle and middle sub-strata of middle classes in a good number of countries, especially the Philippines. Here, we have yet to see the EEE PC’s effect on local laptop prices. We long to see low-end notebook offerings to go below the P20,000 mark, but the manufacturers and distributors have yet to show us such price tags.

Of course, we can’t stop Asus from introducing the 10-inch, 8GB EEE PC model, but I sure hope it also means that the company will also lower the prices for the 2GB and 4GB models now being sold in several countries.

I also look forward to other companies giving Asus competition, so that we may see a price war for the market niche opened successfully by the Taiwanese company. I want to see (and get!) an Everex Cloudbook, for instance, and join others in praying the news about it isn’t just a rumor.