New videos on Asus EEE PC and its rival Everex Cloudbook

Find out below how the Asus EEE PC compares with the Everex Cloudbook in the area of boot-up. Just how quickly (or slowly) either one “wakes” up and gets ready for you to use: also noticed the same difference in speed:

Still from is an overview of the Cloudbook which is touted as the main competitor of the EEE PC in the US:

According to a “first thoughts review” on the same site:

The CloudBook is an impressive design with some innovative features and some reasonably impressive specs for the $400 price tag. However, it’s clear that VIA and Everex had to make the number of sacrifices to bring this ultra-mobile notebook to the market for such a low price.

The low-capacity slow hard drive, and slow overall performance make the CloudBook a less than compelling purchase compared to the current generation Asus Eee PC 4G … despite the much smaller storage space.

Finally, here’s a video praising the EEE PC’s portability to which I agree 100 percent: