Ka Satur Ocampo, the respected leftist statesman running for the Senate this year, doesn’t look and act like he’s 70 years old, which he already is. His endurance is obvious in his active leadership and participation in street protests. He’s young at heart, remaining true to the hopefulness of the ranks of young Filipinos to which he once proudly belonged.


Defense Secretary and presidential aspirant Gilbert Teodoro spoke September 10 before the conservative Heritage Foundation in the US.

According to the Heritage Foundation, “the United States has no closer relationship in Asia than that with the Philippines. The two countries are bound together by history, family, values, interests and treaty. Among other things, they are critical partners in the war on terror and in the maintenance of a regional balance that favors the forces of freedom. [Teodoro] is a quickly up-and-coming political leader.

Barack Obama will be sworn in today as the first black president and as the 44th chief executive of the United States.

Millions are going to watch it live:

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To my online and offline friends and to everyone: May you all have a very merry Christmas!

Christmas is a happy time indeed. While we are taught that Easter is the greatest Christian feast, for many Filipinos, Christmas is the happiest and we mark it through song. Together, let us celebrate our boundless hope and unflinching determination to not just survive and to succeed.

Here are some more of our favorite Christmas songs:

T-Mobiles G1, the worlds first smartphone powered by Googles Android OS. Photo grabbed from Engadget.
T-Mobile's G1, the world's first smartphone powered by Google's Android OS. Photo grabbed from Engadget.

Update: Visit the official T-Mobile G1 website

US mobile phone network T-Mobile today launched the G1, a smartphone powered by Google’s Android operating system which pundits and techies say may give Apple’s iPhone a stiff fight for hearts and minds of cellphone users everywhere.

Senator Joe Biden last night (morning in Manila) accepted the Democratic nomination for vice president of the United States, as runningmate of Barack Obama.

Biden is also a good speaker who is able to articulate the basic economic interests of middle-class and working-class families. A long-time Senate expert on foreign policy and security, Biden also cuts across the Republican’s fear-mongering on Obama’s competence as a world leader.

This morning in Manila (evening in Denver), Senator Hillary Clinton gave a rousing speech before the Democratic National Convention that is set to crown her rival Barack Obama as presidential standard-bearer.

Clinton is truly an orator that no doubt inspires millions and in her speech graciously and clearly endorsed Obama, made the case of voting for him and not for Republican bet John McCain. She was truly in fighting form as you can see in the three-part video below: