Speech of Defense Sec. Gilbert Teodoro at Heritage Foundation


Defense Secretary and presidential aspirant Gilbert Teodoro spoke September 10 before the conservative Heritage Foundation in the US.

According to the Heritage Foundation, “the United States has no closer relationship in Asia than that with the Philippines. The two countries are bound together by history, family, values, interests and treaty. Among other things, they are critical partners in the war on terror and in the maintenance of a regional balance that favors the forces of freedom. [Teodoro] is a quickly up-and-coming political leader. Join us to hear him speak to the future of the U.S.-Philippines Alliance.”

Teodoro’s speech showed his strong pro-US bias on defense issues and could perhaps be a stump speech directed at the US government, perhaps in the hope that he be chosen as the American bet in next year’s presidential elections. He batted for continued US military presence in the Philippines and in the Southeast Asian region. He praised the Visiting Forces Agreement and did not mention calls for its abrogation coming from the Philippine Senate.

For a counterpoint, check out the statement from Katarungan (Justice), a US-based group advocating changes in US policies on the Philippines.

Credits: Video from Heritage Foundation, photo from World Military Forum/Getty Images.