A look into US political oratory: Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Dennis Kucinich

This morning in Manila (evening in Denver), Senator Hillary Clinton gave a rousing speech before the Democratic National Convention that is set to crown her rival Barack Obama as presidential standard-bearer.

Clinton is truly an orator that no doubt inspires millions and in her speech graciously and clearly endorsed Obama, made the case of voting for him and not for Republican bet John McCain. She was truly in fighting form as you can see in the three-part video below:

Clinton’s speech is a great follow up to another great speech by Obama’s wife Michelle who headlined the convention the night before:

Meanwhile, we cannot help not ignore the “agit” speech of progressive Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich:

The next three big speeches come Wednesday and Thursday in the US and I’m referring to those to be given by former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore and Obama himself. Obama will deliver his speech in a 75,000-capacity stadium.

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  1. Chakradhar behera

    Really you have compared those speeches in a different way justifying your theme-politics and tech. waiting the next three big speeches.

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