Nintendo DSi vs. Sony PSP-3000

Christmas is around the corner, and we can safely bet that those with the means are now having a swell time deciding which new gaming handheld to get, after Nintendo and Sony separately announced product upgrades.

To help you decide, take a look at a comparison of the DSi, PSP-3000 and Ipod Touch.

For Nintendo diehards, get some info on the DS Lite vs. the new DSi and still on the same topic, click here.

Pinoy PSP fans meanwhile are naturally curious about the new PSP, and so must take a good look at this comparison between old and new. Official Sony is below:

Advanced merry Christmas to everyone!


  1. Ian

    Not missing much on the PSP 3000 (except for the battery life and “improved” display). The DSi is worth a second hard look, though. I wonder if the CFO (Peng, hehe) will allow it. šŸ˜‰

  2. hamogito

    p***** *** malupet DS lite.

    TOUCH SCREEN!!!!!!!


    2 SCREENS!!!!!

    MAY KAMERA!!!!!!!


    AYOS TALAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mitch

    hi..just want to ask if Nintendo DSi would have a book reader just like PSP? Kelangan ko sana tlga ng book reader for my reviewer(pdf).. Thanks for replying ^__^

  4. PsP RoKs

    PsP smash The dsi
    dsi has a bad graphics
    and the psp has a good graphics
    favorite games
    god of war
    crisis core
    patapon 2

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