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Full texts of pending ‘Cybercrime’ Prevention bills

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While Filipino netizens are pressing government, Congress included, for action so we could finally have #betterinternet, some Members of Congress want to do something else: Launch a crackdown on vaguely-defined “cybercrimes”.

Lawmakers have not given up on their dangerous project and on Feb. 2, the House ICT Committee holds a meeting to tackle seven “cybercrime” prevention bills that are pending in the current Congress. Continue reading →

Cherry Mobile unveils Philippines’ first Android tablet-phone, two handsets

The Superion, the Android tablet-phone with a Qualcomm processor.

Maverick Philippine handset maker Cherry Mobile tonight unveiled the country’s first Android-powered tablet and two other Android phones.

The Superion, priced at P19,990, is powered by Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) and sports the following: Qualcomm MSM 7227 600MHz processor, 512MB ROM/512MB RAM, 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, 16GB expandable to 32MB, 3G/HSDPA, GPS/AGPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, standard mini-USB, 3.5 standard audio jack, G-sensor, ambient light sensor and two cameras (3MP main camera with autofocus and a VGA camera in front). Continue reading →

The Philippines’ #sentisabado

More and more Filipinos are joining Twitter but we have yet to put a distinctive Filipino mark on it, as distinct perhaps as the personalization many Filipinos once did on Friendster and what we do to our phones with themes, icons and ringtones. Continue reading →

Triple-SIM Trident just works, offers more under the hood

Local handset maker Cherry Mobile recently made history by releasing to the market the country’s first triple-SIM cellphone, the Trident.

This handset is aimed at those who juggle three handsets to make the most out of the offerings of the country’s three mobile carriers. So instead of buying and maintaining three handsets, Cherry Mobile makes this attractive proposition to chuck them all in favor of the Trident. Continue reading →

#juanvote: Filipinos launch first internet-powered election coverage network

At the #juanvote "Miting de Avance". Photo grabbed from

Netizens packed Krispy Kreme Ayala Avenue on May 8 to formally launch #juanvote, arguably the first internet-powered citizens’ coverage of the 2010 elections. Continue reading →