Recommended readings on politics, media and technology

Do yourself a favor by reading up some really good stuff on the web.

Plenty of stuff available, but I suggest the following:

On politics

  • has an analytical piece on America’s left-ward shift, and by left-ward, it is towards US-style liberalism.
  • More about this reemergence of US liberalism from The American Prospect.
  • A reality-check on Obama-mania and the new face of US imperialism, comes from Dr. Carol P. Araullo, a BusinessWorld columnist and chair of the multisectoral umbrella Bayan.

On media and technology

  • In “Not exactly mainstream”, journalist Kenneth Guda tracks the triumphs and travails of Pinoy Weekly, a weekly tabloid-turned-online magazine as they face the world of “mainstream” media.

Finally, have some fun with these Sarah Palin jokes, courtesy of Santos Reports.