Philip Marco Caballes (Nov. 13, 1985-Jan. 16, 2014) We first knew him as the funny and awesome CokskiBlue, who brought video blogging (vlogging) to its rightful place – in the front and center of Pinoy blogging. We immediately put his blog in our browser bookmarks and feed subscriptions. Later, he would be in our phonebooks […]


#AidMonitorPH should check corruption – and expose aid with strings attached

Aside from #ReliefPH, #TracingPH and other social media-based disaster-related efforts, the netizens’ response to Yolanda now includes a laudable crowdsourcing project called #AidMonitorPH. The objectives of #AidMonitorPH are pretty straightforward: To identify and list of foreign aid donations and pledges and to monitor how these would be used and spent. #AidMonitorPH is clearly an offshoot […]


‘You voted for them’

The title of this piece is one of the ultimate conversation spoilers when we talk politics, especially these times when we wish to hold the President, senators, congressmen and their fake NGOs accountable for the outrageous amount of pork barrel funds they abused or plundered. The mostly educated fall prey for this rather simplistic and […]