October 9 is #sentisabado Day

As we announce the theme for Sept. 25, we are also announcing that we will make October 9 a #SentiSabadoDay in the Philippines and worldwide.

Check the Twitter announcements here, here, here and here.

On Oct. 9, the first #SentiSabadoDay, we hope to see photos, videos and livestreams of gatherings you would have with your friends and classmates from way back. It may not be a party but if you want one, we won’t stop you. It may just be an event over a special potluck lunch or dinner, or maybe merienda.

It will be a day of Twitter MeetUps (TweetUps) in Manila and many other cities. About time for many of us to go meet face-to-face with our Twitter followers and those we follow.

Special mention: Overseas Filipino workers and Pinoy expats abroad would hopefully make #SentiSabadoDay global.

We will post a One-Page #SentiSabadoDay Event Guide to help you plan for this, whether here or abroad.

Now, what? Time to prepare. Look for your old friends and set up to meet them on Oct. 9. Fire up those laptops, digicams and camera phones so you’d be able to share with us the fun you’re going to have. And if you are indeed holding a #SentiSabadoDay event on Oct. 9, go straight to the sign-up sheet.

We will post a complete calendar of Oct. 9 #sentisabado Day events at Official Facebook Page.

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