Philip Marco Caballes (Nov. 13, 1985-Jan. 16, 2014)

We first knew him as the funny and awesome CokskiBlue, who brought video blogging (vlogging) to its rightful place – in the front and center of Pinoy blogging.

We immediately put his blog in our browser bookmarks and feed subscriptions. Later, he would be in our phonebooks and calendars as a new, real friend. The blogging community would soon honor him with an award for outstanding work as a vlogger, and he would give back to the community in more ways than we could imagine.

As one of the trailblazing bloggers-turned-social media managers, he would be a source of pride to the community and a ready supporter of blogging and social media events.

These are just bullet points and highlights, and the real stories are in between the lines. Both the parts and the totality of it. Which explains why since news broke late afternoon of January 16, 2014 that Coy Caballes had passed on due to a serious illness, the normally talkative and articulate bloggers that we know could not find the right and exact words to express a very deep and very personal sense of loss.

Years from now, when we get to tell our stories to the younger ones, Coy would be part of it. He’d also be part of the soon-to-be written history of Pinoy blogging and social media. He earned his place there.

For these and many other reasons, for his family and for our communities, we say: