Please help Star

My good friend Andrea’s daughter Star badly needs our help. Star is afflicted by a curious blood condition. Star is the bunso of Dick annd Andrea (the photo comes from their family blog).

What Star needs is not as simple as a donation. She badly needs blood by-products to help her fight her condition which has caused frequent nosebleeds. She nosebleeds as if she hears Manny Pacquiao everytime. Its that bad. But joking aside, I hope some of you would seriously consider helping Star and leading her mom Andrea to where they could get relief.

Hear it straight from Andrea:

Hi everyone!

Anyone who knows anybody working with Bayer or any pharmaceutical company that sells blood by-products? Or where we can buy blood factors Koate or Alphante?

Koate and Alphanate are anti-hemophelic concentrates that can help regulate the clotting factor.

Star needs to have blood transfusion ASAP to stop her frequent nosebleeding. As we have shared before, Star has a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand Disease. It’s a genetic bleeding disorder where the platelets are either defective or not functioning well.

Lately, Star has been nosebleeding frequently again, and unlike in the past, there are now big blood clots. Yesterday afternoon, there were about four of those.

Thankfully, results of her CBC and platelet count yesterday are good. No anemia. Platelet is high which means her “good soldiers” are fighting. But her bleeding has to be addressed, otherwise, it will lead to more complications. However, Koate or Alphante are not available in the Philippines. But in case you know of anyone in the pharmaceutical companies, they might know how we can buy them.

Both of these products may be available in Hongkong or Singapore and of course, US and Europe. For those with kind-hearted friends or relatives in those areas, can we ask for assistance in finding out how much this costs and if they are willing to facilitate our purchase of the products? We can send money asap as soon as we find out how much it costs.

Thanks a lot and God bless!

Dick and Andrea