Paypal withdrawals through EON, a success (but quite costly)

I can personally confirm that Unionbank’s EON Visa Electron can be used to withdraw Paypal funds.

I requested a Paypal withdrawal via credit/debit card last Nov. 8 and the said funds were in my EON account ledger by midnight today Nov. 14.

That’s just three banking days or five full days from the day I made the request from Paypal!

Paypal charged me a whooping $5.00 for the withdrawal through my EON card.
To make EON work for Paypal withdrawals, just be sure that:

  • You’ve used your EON card for several over-the-counter transactions in groceries and stores, and with regular deposits and withdrawals.
  • Your Paypal account and credit/debit card information are verified.
  • You follow Paypal instructions for making withdrawals.

Also, read Paypal-related information from Unionbank.

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