Nielsen releases latest PH internet access data

Global market research company Nielsen today made a pre-release of its Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report which says, among others, that “one in three consumers in the Philippines are now accessing the Internet, with younger demographics significantly more likely to get online than older generations.”

The new Nielsen report, to be released on Sept. 30, found that:

  • 33 percent of Filipinos access the Internet, five percentage points below the Southeast Asian regional average of 38 percent
  • Internet penetration among consumers aged 15 to 19 was close to two-thirds (65%) and nearly half of those in their 20’s were online (48%)
  • There is still much room for growth for those aged 30+ – less than one quarter of consumers aged in their 30s (24%) access the Internet, 13 percent of consumers in their 40s, and just four percent of consumers aged 50+.
  • 52% of Filipinos have a computer with high speed Internet connection at home
  • Home is the most common Internet access point for those aged 30 years and above
  • Close to nine in ten Internet users aged 50 years and above (86%) cite ‘home’ as they main point of access
  • 74 percent of 15-19 years identify Internet cafés as their main point of Internet access
  • Close to one quarter of Filipinos Internet users (24%) access the Internet on a daily basis via a mobile phone and 56% intend to access the Internet via a mobile phone in the next 12 months.
Nielsen: Internet penetration in Southeast Asia, 2011

Growing role of social media

According to Nielsen:

Social media is also driving Filipino consumers’ interaction with companies and brands – the Philippines ranked second highest for the number of people who have ever ‘liked’ or followed a brand, company or celebrity on a social networking site (75%).

Filipinos were highly trusting in consumer generated media such as consumer opinions posted on social media sites and discussion forums – 61 percent of Filipino Internet users said they trusted consumer opinions posted online, higher than any other market in Southeast Asia and seven points above the regional average.

Further, online product reviews and discussion forums are one of the most trusted sources of recommendations in purchase decision making, second only to recommendations from family and friends. Close to two thirds of digital Filipinos (64%) use social media as a resource in purchase decision making.

Nielsen: Social media becoming more influential among Filipino consumers.

In a press release, Jay Bautista of Nielsen explains that:

The rise of social media platforms has facilitated more ways for word of mouth communication to take place and this presents both opportunities and challenges for companies

and that

Filipinos are increasingly looking to their fellow Internet users for opinions and information about products, services and brands, and engagement with online word of mouth communication is going to increase in coming years as social media plays an increasingly important role in consumer decision making.


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