Bayan Muna at 7: Di mapipigilan ang pagsikat ng araw

Bayan Muna, the most prominent progressive political party in the Philippines, chose a very apt symbol — the rising sun — to dramatize the unstoppable rise of New Politics as the long term alternative to traditional politics that has kept this country in the rut for what seems to be an eternity.

A rising sun is a sign of hope. Bayan Muna members themselves hold this symbol close to our hearts especially in the midst of a long dark night — characterized by the President cheating to win, the President’s minions doing everything, including killing foes, just to stay in power, the martyrdom of so many party members, the demonization of party leaders and representatives in Congress. As such, the rising sun in Bayan Muna’s emblem is an expression of our party’s determination to see that this long night would eventually end.

It is a tragedy that the Arroyo government has allowed Bayan Muna members to be targeted for execution by death squads. No effort is being made to protect them. In fact, we are being blamed for the deaths of more than 100 of our fellow party members — alas, a purge is supposedly killing us from within — but only the naive and the spin doctors themselves believe this cruel lie. The truth is, Bayan Muna is being punished by this government for being true to its ideals of championing byo. We are being punished for our opposition to EVAT and RVAT, our advocacy for land reform, our support for striking Hacienda Luisita workers, our exposition of this government’s many scandalous programs, our insistent push for government to allocate sufficient budgets for health, education and housing, and many other “crimes”. The biggest crime is Bayan Muna’s call for Arroyo’s resignation, our representative’s endorsement of her impeachment (not once but twice), and out high-profile role in street demonstrations that show in no uncertain terms the unpopularity and political isolation of Arroyo.

Bayan Muna’s commitment, vision and program as a party is for everyone to see.

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, at the UP Bahay ng Alumni, Bayan Muna marks its 7th founding anniversary with a cultural program that will look back at its achievements, its place in the Filipinos’ quest for good governance and for authentic democracy, and its determination to see its noble objections achieve fruition.

No matter what the Arroyo government does, it cannot stop the sun from rising. Arroyo is bound to fall. For Bayan Muna, we rest assured that the people remain steadfast in our national aspirations which this party has served in word, deed and the blood of innocent party members, organizers and leaders.

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  1. Anonymous

    Long Live to bayan Muna!
    Pakaalalahanin ang mga martir ng sambayanan para lalung numingniong ang bandila ng Bayan Muna!
    Bakit naman ang mismong web site ng Bayan muna ay wala man lamang artikulo ng aktibidad at ung mismong mensahe ng mga pambansang lider.

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