Pinoypress launches contest to identify doctors, nurses in Cebu hospital scandal

Blogger CC Hidalgo of Pinoypress has launched a contest asking readers and the public to identify the doctors, nurses and staff involved in the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Hospital video scandal.

Prize is one-year free webhosting to the person.

CC Hidalgo says this is about justice, and I agree 100 percent. The hospital authorities did not do justice to the victimized patient by not identifying the cast of characters in the VSMMC video scandal.

In the interest of fairness, CC Hidalgo published the names of the hospital’s officials.

CC Hidalgo adds:

And if the Sottos don’t remove their name from the hospital, I will declare that the act of sodomizing somebody with a foreign object should be called “sotto,” as in “He sottoed me last night.” Unfair to the Sottos? You bet it is! But try telling that to Jan-jan.

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