Minions spread text rumors; TXTPower urges vigilance

As Engr. Jun Lozada was answering questions at the Senate, some desperate characters unleashed a barrage of text rumors warning of bombings across Metro Manila.

TXTPower immediately responded and blasted the rumor-mongers.

We issued the following statement:

We condemn the evil minions and dirty tricks operators behind the spread of text rumors about the purported bombings in malls and markets across Metro Manila on Saturday. These are desperate and
despicable acts of persons and groups who have much to hide and onceal, especially after the testimony of Engr. Jun Lozada.

At around 6:00 pm, we unleashed our own message, urging the people to be vigilant and not be cowed. “Makibaka, huwag matakot” is our battlecry!

We suspect that the Arroyos are behind this misinformation campaign and scare tactics. These are desperate moves to quell possible direct actions that may be taken by the people who are revolted by large-scale corruption involving the Arroyos.

The quick spreading of the text rumors also confirm what could only be widespread wiretapping of people’s phones. As Lozada said, it can be one and is being done by state actors. In Italy, some years ago, a
telco there admitted allowing the Italian government to wiretap tens of thousands of mobile phones all at the same time because it was really possible given the developments in mobile phone technology.

We hope the PNP will truly investigate it, but we do not discount the possibility that the police will blame the people themselves, as they are wont to do. It is not impossible for the PNP to say that the people invented these text rumors ourselves.

We urge the public to be vigilant and not to fall prey to the misinformation and scare tactics. Let us all focus on the truth. Let’s not be sidetracked. Let us not be forced to be scared.