A hopeful Christmas to all!

My fondest Christmas wishes to everyone, especially to my closest friends. I hope the holidays give us more strength to pursue the good fight.

Christmas ain’t about getting gifts or presents. It is about giving. Giving presents to others, serving others, loving them and putting them first before ourselves give us the highest high during the season.

The long lines at ATMs and the crowds at the malls and markets, the mad rush going to our families in the provinces, and the quest to finding the right gifts show that our hearts are still in the right place.

Now, the question is this: How do we show our love and concern to our country?

We may belong to different faiths, have conflicting beliefs, and view the future through varying prisms, but I do hope we share the same nagging concern that we have to have a better Philippines, starting with a more active citizenry raring to go to battle against all sorts of perfidy.

Christmas is about the child born in swaddling clothes right there in a lowly manger, and the hope it brought to many. Let’s seize and firmly hold on to that inspiration.

There is hope for ourselves, hope for our families, and hope for our country. Never lose it. Never give up.

We need it if we wish to have or win a Gloria-free New Year.

Again, my best wishes to everyone. Merry Christmas!