Hodge-podge: Human rights day, stupid generals and Garci

Today is international human rights day. Let’s mark the day in a meaningful way. Join the 10:00 am rally at Plaza Miranda. Support the calls to end political killings.

Make Mrs. Arroyo pay for her many crimes against civil liberties and human rights: the Calibrated Preemptive Response, Executive Order 464, the Fertilizer Fund scam that victimized yet again the Marcos human rights victims by way of raiding the recovered loot of the late dictator, among others.

Many activists and revolutionaries still languish in jail. They were slapped with criminal cases instead of rebellion. These are the political prisoners really. The government jails its worst opponents and accuses them of being mere criminals. Add to these our Moro brothers and sisters who have since been victimized in greater numbers by arbitrary arrest and detention just because they have Arabic names especially at this time of the US-led war of terror.


Our heroes and martyrs didn’t make supreme sacrifices just so Mrs. Arroyo could destroy the Bill of Rights in her selfish drive to keep herself in power. Let’s make GMA take back her CPR, the EO 464 and the draconian Anti-Terrorism Bill.

All in all, these three constitute terrorism for they murder in a wholesale manner the most important civil, political and human rights that we deserve to enjoy.


The head of the Nolcom is such a coward. If he really has the goods against Bayan Muna Satur C. Ocampo regarding his absurd claims that the activist solon was behind the financing of bombing operations and, lately, the execution of a soldier somewhere in Central Luzon, why don’t he take Ka Satur to court.

It seems the Nolcom chief is interested only in a propaganda blitz to demonize Ka Satur and Bayan Muna.


Worse than this top Nolcom official is someone surnamed Cuerpo in Davao City. This military man has been blabbering away at Bayan Muna solons and even came out with a statement urging Congress to expel its three activist congressmen.

This Cuerpo is a lunatic. Can’t he still not believe that Bayan Muna topped the 2001 and 2004 partylist elections inspite of anti-communist propaganda and military campaign work against it?


Virgilio Garcillano said a mouthful starting when he resurfaced via a really professional-looking PR blitz.

No one believed that his appearances were not scripted. That’s because we are not as stupid as his principal and handlers would like to delude themselves into thinking.


Garci in Congress was an altogether different story. He was arrogant and refused to answer questions. He didn’t care that the nation was waiting for the whole story and the whole truth five months after he hid himself like a pugante.


Also at Congress, Garci would have saved tens of thousands of pesos in lawyers’ fees had he come alone.

The pro-Arroyo members were only too happy to act as his battery of lawyers. The shameless solons were more defensive of Garci than Garci himself.

It was like the marathon impeachment vote one again. The solons did a good job – protecting Garci and his principal Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.


Joke of the day: If the First Gentleman would don boxing gloves and join the support, what would be his nick name? What else but MONEY PAKYAW!

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