Tym 2 go

At the rate things are going, it would be prudent for GMA to quit now.

If she relents tonight or tomorrow, the entire nation would be spared the sad spectacle of a plummeting peso and plunging stocks. If she gives up her kapit-tuko stance on the presidency, she would at the least reap some some goodwill for being showing grace amid pressure.

Bomalabs, says a friend from the House media pool.

For, indeed, power corrupts and corrups absolutely. Palibahasa ay nakatikim na ng kapangyarihan kaya talaga namang ayaw magpatinag si GMA.

I would just tell this GMA and her cabal of sycophants: Its tym 2 go, as they say in text parlance.

Take for instance the reported statement from GMA, through the Ignacio Bunye, that she would be willing to undergo impeachment just to clear her name.

The woman totally misses the point.

By saying she’s in favor of impeachment, she’s again confirming widespread perceptions that she indeed committed largescale electoral fraud and would undergo the political process before Congress only because it is highly unlikely that the both Houses would result in a partisan vote: Partisan in her favor.

But looking at the two pending impeachment complaints, there seems to be a concerted effort right now to disable the impeachment process and disable it so that genuine impeachment complaints would be prevented. The two complaints are largely unsubstantiated and — surprise! surprise! — both were endorsed pronto by members of Kampi, GMA’s own party.

Photo courtesy of Arkibong Bayan.