Primer on pork barrel: PDAF, DAP and presidential pork

Citizens raise clenched fists at the Sept. 21 Never Porkget rally at the Luneta spearheaded by #AbolishPork Movement. Photo by Arkibong Bayan.

More and more people want to unite and act against the plunder, misuse and abuse of public funds through the controversial pork barrel. Citizens are outraged by the PDAF scandal involving lawmakers, Janet Napoles and fake NGOs. President BS Aquino himself has been put on the defensive for his own pork barrel, its misuse for bribery, and his refusal to abolish the pork barrel system. Here is a [developing] list of reference materials and links on the issue. Primers and Presentations

Primer on the Pork Barrel by Pagbabago People’s Movement for Change

(If you wish to print this Pagbabago primer, please use this ready-for-printing, laid-out format instead.)

Praymer hinggil sa Pork Barrel by Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research

Understanding the Pork Barrel (and why it should be abolished) by Prof. Solita Monsod

What the People Should Know Lump Sums, Automatic Appropriations, & Off Budget Items by Prof. Leonor Briones 

The Congressional Power of the Purse : Myth or Reality by Prof. Leonor Briones

Analysis on 2014 Budget by Prof. Leonor Briones

President Aquino’s DAP

Other Presidential Pork

Prime Cuts: Presidential Pork Barrel Primer by Kabataan Partylist


Cases filed

Supreme Court petition vs. DAP filed by Makabayan, Bayan, et al


About the Hijackers

Blast from the past

Lastly If you want a summary of the issues, watch 10-year old Justine Flores’ widely-applauded speech at the Sept. 13 #ForwardMarch at Luneta: (If you wish to add a reference material or link to this list, please leave a comment below.)

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