Roundup for today: Wiretaps, OpenOffice, Madonna, journalists’ tracker and Firefox Mobile

A telecoms firm uses “Hello Garci” in its sales pitch for its IDEN network and phones. Says its ad copy: “Now you can talk with utmost confidence, even about your deepest secrets and most delicate plans”. GSM also made the same claim many years back but GSM phones are now being bugged en masse in several countries like Belgium and Italy.

Sick and tired of Microsoft Office? Try OpenOffice. Take a close look through a review of its latest version.

Madonna joins Nine Inch Nails, Oasis, Jamiroquai and Radiohead in ditching the record companies. Media and tech bloggers see the start of the end of the record industry as we know it, at least in the US. When this will happen in the Philippines, we just have to wait.

British journalists’ published works are now being tracked!

Firefox Mobile
will soon be in everyone’s cellphone. What happens to Opera?

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