Big protests at Ayala: Fantastic preview of The End for GMA

Fantastic! Although the rally was capped by a rather distressing personal experience, everyone (except perhaps the likes of GMA) are on the whole happy over the turnout, color, breadth and scope of today’s protests.

The crowd estimate was at 80,000. This may be a bit off the mark, as the headcount may have been even larger if we refer to aerial shots by photojournalists of international wire agencies.

Its really nice to see our people exercise their democratic rights to free speech, free assembly and free redress of grievances. It is democracy in action. It inspires people to continue carrying on the fight for a better life for each Filipino and for each Filipino family.

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Photos of the rally on Yahoo! News

Lest it be forgotten, similar rallies were staged across the country.

All in all, this has been a good day for the struggle for democracy, and a preview of how the GMA administration may end as she continues to resist the widespread clamor for her resignation.

Featured photo by Associated Press photographer Bullit Marquez (courtesy of Yahoo! News)