Bishops’ move

Archbishop Oscar Cruz and Bishops Deogracias Iñiguez, Antonio Tobias and Julio Labayen, would surely dissociate themselves with the pro-GMA statement of the Catholic Bishops Conference, and would rather minister to the growing movement to oust GMA.

The weak, ineffectual statement was welcomed only by the weak, ineffectual GMA. The CBCP missed the point of the entire exercise.

It seems that the Inquirer correctly got the public sentiment on the CBCP’s “conclave”: That Jaime Cardinal Sin would be terribly missed by fellow bishops and Filipinos.

The more progressive bishops from the Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical churches should not be stopped or dissuaded by the CBCP statement. They have a moral responsibility to God and country, especially as we expect the Palace to unleash a fresh round of misinformation this week.

It would be foolhardy of GMA if she mistakenly interprets the CBCP statement as a license to remain in power. The CBCP may have come out rather weak tonight but there’s no stopping it from changin course and from adopting a more activist stance in the near future.

Featured photo courtesy of Arkibong Bayan