Today is #juanvote Blog Action Day and I have these questions to ask candidates for senator, and district and partylist congressperson:

  1. Internet freedom is important to Filipinos: Are you going to file or support a bill repealing the Cybercrime Law and the Data Privacy Law?
  2. Government and all officials should be accountable and transparent to citizens: Are you going to file or support a bill on Freedom of Information?

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is said to be preparing to use her state of the nation address tomorrow to raise anew the call for charter change.

It is thus a good thing that bloggers and Facebook users took on this issue with Cyberprotests and a Blog Action Day.

If Arroyo would indeed announce a renewed effort to ram down our throats this idea of a Constituent Assembly (ConAss) to keep her illegal hold on the presidency and to enshrine the failed policies of neoliberal globalization in the charter, then we have a great battle ahead of us and let’s not surrender an inch of our places in cyberspace to the regime’s lies.