Holy Week has ended but the Pinoy’s passion continues. Here’s my recap of big events that have happened recently.

A rice shortage is about to foment street riots. but the Arroyo government is solving it by lying about the problem. Prophets of neoliberalism and globalization should be made to explain why this happened, because it was they who have refused to abide by a policy of self-reliance and it was they who wished to make us hostages of the so-called world market and global supply and demand. Among these pricks, of course, is Mrs. Arroyo herself. In the meantime, prepare for the time when rice prices reach P40 a kilo.

President Arroyo also won the Supreme Court battle royale over Romulo Neri’s claim to executive privilege. But at what cost? By destroying the independence of the tribunal? Ain’t the court the only sensible government institution left — and like some Midas From Hell, Gloria Arroyo touched it and turned it into shit. House Speaker Prospero Nograles admits the SC ruling has “defanged” Congress and seems not to care about the powers of Congress in the supposed system of checks and balances.

Thanks to Yahoo News!, we can see photos taken by wire agencies Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France Presse and which they dispatched to newspapers and other media outlets across the world.

Full credit goes to the following photographers: Bullit Marquez, Pat Roque, Cheryl Ravelo, Darren Whiteside, John Javellana and Romeo Ranoco, and their respective wire agencies.