Dateline: Singapore

I’m on my way back now to Manila, after covering the 41st ASEAN Ministerial Summit here in Singapore.

Singapore is really clean, as if someone washes it with antiseptic every night while all Singaporeans sleep. Everything’s orderly and everyone seemed disciplined.

However, the bad side is that I got bitten by some Singaporeans’ corrupted notion of success, and chose to cheat and lie towards their petty idea of success, conniving with scums known for hatchet jobs and for sheer notoriety. I wouldn’t like to name them — they know who they are. I just want to assure them that they didn’t succeed in their terrible plot to discredit me.

Perhaps over the weekend, we will look at the ASEAN news coverage, and make some revelations and suggestions that should benefit the reading public in Japan, Singapore, the Philippines and the rest of the world.


  1. dana

    no, tonyo, they DON’T know who they are, for they cannot admit, even to themselves, how low they have gone. and no, no one will review the past coverage and see how — and if — it has benefited any reader at all because let’s face it, those people you are talking about do not care about the reading public. all they care about are themselves, and their so-called reputation – so called because they don’t even know what people think of them but will not tell them out of charity.

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