One million terrorists, diesel prices and some ASEAN stuff

The United States terrorist list has swelled to one million, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. And the list includes Cat Stevens, a nun, a wife of a senator and – lest we forget – our very own Jose Maria Sison.

I have mentioned this before, the absurdity and arbitrariness of the list. Even kids who were born before 9/11 were said to have been listed and have spoiled many a family vacation.

In the Philippines, a more basic problem hounds the population: hunger. Take a look at this (Tagalog) report:

And while we’re at it, it is important to be reminded that the Arroyo government let go of the chance to buy back Petron. Now a British firm owns a majority of Petron stocks.

Here in Singapore, ASEAN foreign ministers are having their 41st ministerial meeting. Myanmar is bearing the brunt for being the baddest among the bad. The Philippines is supposedly leading the campaign for human rights and democracy for Burma, but have been quiet on its own record of more than 900 extrajudicial killings and other barbarities.

Anyway, all we can do now is to wait and see what this diplomatic show will be able to concretely achieve.

Finally, some of my initial thoughts on Singapore.

This citystate is a curiosity amid huge nations in the region. It is very progressive, akin to Hong Kong in terms of economic and business interests holding fort here. But its total size is really small (just a measly 700 or so square kilometers all in all). All real estate development is going up literally — because the land area is so small and only the filthy rich can afford their own lots where they could have mansions built for themselves. Condominiums here are mainly for the poor, according to a friend.

I had a good time last night, thanks to a late-evening walk with friends G and J. May the force be with you two for your kindness.

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