Former RP envoy charged in the US

Kudos to writer Ninotchka Rosca for her banner story in today’s Inquirer titled “RP envoy charged in US”.

From Stuff

The accused, former envoy to the UN Lauro Baja, has issued his disclaimer.

The Department on Foreign Affairs and Congress should investigate the serious charges against Baja. They cast serious questions on the conduct of high diplomatic officials. Baja must welcome all the investigations and explain fully to the nation the circumstances cited by the complainant.

There may be others who like the complainant in the Baja case who were conned by Filipino diplomats to obtain their help in becoming OFWs. They may also have been fleeced or abused. This is a good time for them to come out too and tell us their stories.

A journalist told me yesterday that many people questioned the role of Baja’s wife in fulfilling the foreign travel requirements of the DFA.  She said that Baja’s wife allegedly cornered some travel contracts with the DFA while he was a top official there. More than “conflict of interest”, those may prima facie evidence for graft and corruption.

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