Website seeks to “empower the Filipino consumer”

We as consumers confront endless problems when we’re forced to buy or endure “lemons” or bad service. Unfortunately, despite a bumper crop of laws that purportedly protect our consumer rights, the status quo does not favor us and we are often left to fend for ourselves in disputes with ill-mannered companies and businesses.

Good thing, a new set was has been quietly launched — — which allows consumers to post their problems regarding consumer goods and services.

Among the first targets of consumers who have posted on are the Mayer photo shop in Quiapo. seeks to empower consumers by inviting them to register, to ost their complaints and to comment on the issues raised by others:

This is an online community of Filipino consumers who are sick and tired of being shortchanged with the products and services we buy. By posting and sharing experiences, we strip the veil of flashy ads and media hype and highlight what’s really important to us – customer satisfaction.

Our Mantra: It’s not the price, it’s about getting our money’s worth.

There’s no limit or requirement on which product or service to post. I think the point is to provide consumers with an online platform where they can vent their ire, demand redress and to let others know about the problem — para wala nang ibang mabiktima. Businesses meanwhile should welcome this as this will pressure them to provide the best products and services and to improve themselves.

Kudos to Collective Tech and the Computer Professionals Union for this laudable project.