Calm before the storm

Some said that GMA bought herself some reprieve, perhaps even a second chance, by surviving the catastrophic events of Friday.

Not really, because her political coffin has already been readied by a growing number of people and political forces who have since demanded her resignation. Right now, these forces are leaving it to her to decide when she would tender her letter of resignation and leave the confines of the presidential place.

The situation now is more than a stalemate because the broad anti-Arroyo movement has long seized the initiative and has even expanded its ranks with the defection of Tita Cory, the Makati Business Club and 10 members of GMA’s official family.

People’s organizations have started the countdown to GMA’s end, and if GMA still manages to fool herself for a couple of days or weeks with the view that she cannot quit due to an alleged divine mandate, she risks arousing another people’s uprising.

It would actually be to GMA’s benefit if she seizes initiative as soon as possible by resigning pronto, and thereby secure herself a more respectable place in history. If she doesn’t, she will join the ignominy of Marcos and Estrada who were forcefully flushed out of office by direct democratic action of the people.