Mabuhay ka, Ka Bel!

Crispin Beltran, who many fondly call “Ka Bel”, met an accident and is now in very serious condition at a Quezon City hospital. He may not be able to recover.

I got the following photos from various web sources (some are my own pictures). I hope that by presenting these photos, I would be able to show my admiration for the man who championed the Filipino workingclass and whose efforts will never be forgotten.

I am both proud and humbled by the privilege of working for and with him in Congress and earlier in Bayan. He is a down-to-earth man who knew how to fight and who to fight for. He is the best friend of workers, farmers and the middle class, but is the worst enemy of the greedy capitalists and corrupt officials. I envy my good friend Ina who had the good fortune of being his media officer and later chief of staff in Congress and many years more at KMU.

Ka Bel may leave us soon, but I am certain that new labor leaders will step up the plate and carry on the good fight, no doubt inspired by his decades-long dedication to the national-democratic cause.

Mabuhay ka, Ka Bel!

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