Really beautiful free WordPress themes

Those who wish to start a blog, or those would like to have their existing blog to have a new look, should consider taking a look at these free WordPress themes. They range from nice to great looking.

Here are my suggestions from various web sources, presented in no particular order:

  1. ConservaBlogs Liberty — simple, three-column theme. You may change the header quickly at the Dashboard. Use it for liberal and radical blogs. Hehehe. Due to its simple style, I chose and installed it yesterday. Thanks to darckedesigns for designing my header based on ~becominginvisible’s keyboard_2.
  2. Revolution Continued — is a beautiful, one-column theme. It makes use of different shades of brown. Really cool design.
  3. Keepsheep — cool two-column theme, using a combo of darkish orange, blue and white for a fun mix that’s a joy for the eyes to see.
  4. Rebel Magazine — is for those who wish to give their blogs a magazine look.
  5. Dor Dot Dot — really simple, three-column theme
  6. Curved 3-Columns — simple buyt elegant theme
  7. Geek With Power — is a handsome, easy-to-the-eyes theme with three columns
  8. AdsPress — for those who wish to cash in on Google AdSense but still wish to have an impressive look
  9. BranfordMagazine — cool, powerful magazine theme which I intend to use in a new blog soon!
  10. Hemingway Reloaded — a truly minimalist theme
  11. Cutline — a simple and reliable theme
  12. Facebook WordPress — for those who can’t get enough of Facebook and want their blog to look like it.
  13. Rihanna — beautiful three-column theme
  14. Digital Pop — colorful, playful three-column theme
  15. Press Box — a modern. highly visual theme