Indelible ink, long lines for poor folk at NFA’s rice sale

Here are photos I took when we went to see and cover the reported use of indelible ink at the National Food Authority warehouse in Legazpi City.

I’ve never seen anything like this. I was part of a generation who were made to believe (and believed!) in elementary school that the Philippines was one of the world’s top rice-producing nations.

Now, we see our people line up to get some supply of the national staple.

A top regional NFA official explained to us the rationale behind the use of the indelible ink (“to inspire discipline”) and said there were 219 outlets authorized by the agency. Sadly, we didn’t find even one private retailer of the NFA rice when we visited the city’s public market.

Note: This is my first out-of-town assignment as reporter for Asahi Shimbun. Thanks to our bureau chief for making my maiden visit possible and making the voyage a very educational one for me.

Unfortunately for me, the famous Mayon Volcano hid behind thick clouds the whole time I was there. Take a look at how the maiden hid herself:

Perhaps tomorrow or over the weekend, I’ll post infinitelt better photos I took when we had a whirlwind trip to Naga City.

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