Globe finally offers time-based rate for mobile internet

Globe Telecom actually trailblazed mobile internet with what used to be free access they provided some years back.

Today, through whole-page ads in two leading newspapers, Globe launched its new time-based rate for mobile internet: P5 for 15 minutes of access.

The ads said that registration is needed to avail of the time-based rate. Otherwise, the default rate of P0.15 per kilobyte will be used.

Globe’s new time-based rate is applicable to all prepaid, postpaid, SME and corporate subscribers — and naturally not to Globe Visibility users.

Get more info here about the new Globe mobile internet rate.

Leading mobile service provider Smart Communications blazed the trail meanwhile in offering time-based rates, with its P10 for 30 minutes of internet. Smart also recently introduced i-mode, the Japanese mobile internet technology.
Right now, many users prefer Smart’s mobile internet because of its time-based rate. Globe’s new offer will change the landscape and I expect Smart to match or exceed Globe’s sooner or later.


  1. lance

    Sun just offered this too. P10 for 30 mins, valid for 2 hours. Dont know yet how the validity works, but sounds like a better deal

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