From Malaya to Asahi Shimbun

Effective today, I’m no longer a reporter for Malaya newspaper.

The last articles I filed yesterday were about the anti-Arroyo protests in Hong Kong, and about a new JETRO survey on international operations of Japanese firms which found the Philippines again lagging behind among investment choices.

I formally resigned from Malaya some weeks back after I was offered to come on board the Manila bureau of Asahi Shimbun as staff reporter.

Asahi Shimbun is one of Japan’s biggest newspapers (the second biggest, I think) and it has working relations with the New York Times and other international publications.

I will be signing my work contract this morning and I’m crossing my fingers in the hope that I would enjoy the new job, exceed expectations, learn more about the craft, get to study Japanese language and culture, and better serve the public. Sana maluwalhati kong matapos ang anim na buwang pagsasanay.

Expect my blog to become even more active than before in terms of news content, especially between today and the end of June as I may not be able to submit articles for publication in Philippine media outlets.

Many thanks to Malaya’s editors and staff who believed in me, gave me confidence and taught me aplenty about the craft.

Thanks too to the Asahi Shimbun’s Manila bureau chief and staff for the trust and warm welcome .


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