Prepaid wireless landline service starting at P100

For just P100, you can now get a PLDT SIM, insert it into an old GSM handset and you’ll get yourself a wireless landline. Maintenance cost as little as P300 a month.

Get full and in-depth information from Max Limpag.

Also visit review by Captain’s Log who is giving away PLDT SIM packs. To join the Captain’s Log contest, just blog about this post and add the blog to your blogroll.

According to Captain’s Log:

I’ve tested the SIM in an old Nokia 5110 unit and it worked! No need to pay activation fees and buy expensive custom handsets that look like remote controls. No more locked-in period. It’s PREPAID!

Read also J. Angelo Racoma’s initial thoughts about it.

This new product appears to be PLDT’s response to the Bayan Wireless Landline and, from the initial information we’re getting, that the new PLDT product may beat the hell out of Bayan’s offering. PLDT uses Smart’s GSM signals, while Bayan uses the not very popular CDMA system.

This new PLDT offering is great news in more ways than one, and I’m going to tell you why soon.

Captain’s Log: PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid Hands-on

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