Video blogging as the wave of the future

I have to agree with Erwin Oliva who, writing for the, says that videos have become a new way for Filipinos to express themselves

Blogging is here, but video blogging is pushing the bounds even more. Nowadays, YouTube videos and videos solicited from the public have complemented standard news reports of professional outfits such as CNN and BBC.

While some of being turned off by the idiot box, many have discovered gems among the countless videos on YouTube, including Christine Gambito of the popular Happy Slip Productions.

Now a certified internet celebrity, Gambito is now in the country on the invitation of the government.

Young vlogger Coy has been inspiring others to take on blogging, like JM.
Photos are good, but videos are better. And surely, Filipinos have become avid users of videos, posting them on their Friendster and MySpace pages, and coming out with vlog sites.

In the run-up to the elections last year, Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo surfaced on YouTube amid a nationwide manhunt following the issuance of an arrest against him. The government filed trumped-up charges against which the courts later junked.

Later last year, Gambit0 (no relation of Gambito of Happy Slip) published a video
of the immediate aftermath of the Glorietta blast
. He took the video way before the first media vans arrived.

Also last year, we at TXTPower helped popularize a ZTE-NBN video-cum-ringtone:

Also last year, both ABS-CBN and GMA urged public to send videos to enrich their coverage of the 2007 elections.

Long live Pinoy vloggers!

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