Joo and Tonyo’s smartphone craze

I joined friend Joo buy a new phone yesterday.

She was so impressed by my Nokia E61 when we met the other night and that her old cellphone just quit on her.

Its hard to not like the E61 if you’re a writer or a manager. It has all the connectivity options: GPRS, 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth and IRDA. It has a full keyboard which is convenient when making or editing Office documents (word processing, spreadsheets and presentations). It has a rather big screen too, compared with other phones.

Take a good look at an E61 below. I was able to get one — a previously-owned unit — at a very handsome price:

Since Joo is bent on helping Tomas achieve popularity as a blogging cat, she said she had to get the newer version of the E61, which is the E61i. It has a 2-megapixel camera that will find good use in documenting Tomas’ “pa-cute” antics.

Pro fax operator and common friend Mayang made Joo happy today by letting Tomas’ pet use her credit card. (Wait: Everything was above board. Mayang joined us this morning to buy the E61i at Robinsons Place and signed the documents herself.)

Here’s an E61i video:

Honestly, I envy Joo’s Nokia E61i because of the camera. Its thinner and sleeker than my phone and has a good camera. Its a phone that’s really good for bloggers and writers like us.

Believe, I want an upgrade real quick.


  1. Joo

    I cannot blame you for wanting to upgrade. I heart Nokia E61i. Thanks for brainwashing me to the bones into buying a new phone! And yeah, having my house wified changed my life radically. Tomas has updated his blog, btw!
    Go to: and enjoy watching and reading about my boy!

  2. Joo

    Why don’t we get you your very own Nokia E61i on Saturday huh? I’ll postpone my flight to Hong Kong for this! Happy birthday Ninong Tonyo!

  3. tonyo

    Wala akong pambili ng E61i. San naman ako kukuha ng pambili nun?

    Magkakaroon lang ako nyan kapag naibenta ko itong E61 at P9,000 and then dagdagan ng friends (hahaha) ang pondo.

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