Ang kapal ng mukha!

This could perhaps be the most popular phrase being used nowadays in reaction to the consecutive statements coming from a certain Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and an entity that describes itself as the Arroyo government.

Faced with an oil crisis that could further raise oil prices to levels unseen in our entire history, Mrs Arroyo said: It is “inescapable”.

The people chorused: Kapal ng mukha! Rightly so, because Mrs. Arroyo has repeatedly opposed buying back Petron, setting up a national oil exchange, procuring oil from the cheapest sources, investigating and stopping oil price gouging by the Big Three and other concrete steps towards a national oil industry protective of our interests as a people.

She said: Why not temporarily remove the RVAT on oil products?

The people chorused: Kapal ng mukha! Rightly so, because RVAT is among the reason why we have expensive oil prices. RVAT is a landmark law for Mrs. Arroyo, which, for the people, is like a big and heavy tombstone tied to our necks. Mrs. Arroyo should repeal the RVAT and mobilize her minions in Congress to speedily do so.

After the Supreme Court struck down Executive Order 464 for curtailing the inquiry powers of Congress and the people’s right to know, the Arroyo government said: We will continue to use presidential powers to stop investigations.

The people chorused: Kapal ng mukha! For why have a Supreme Court at all and why should the Executive argue its case before the tribunal when the Palace won’t abide by its decision? The people will always remember the Arroyo government’s acts of cover-up, the whitewashing, the refusal to uphold accountability and transparency.

Stopped by graduating student Maria Theresa Pangilinan with shouts of “Patalsikin si Gloria!” and “No to chacha!”, Mrs. Arroyo did not flinch and has her boytoy Mike Defensor pounding on the graduate student for being “bastos” to the President.

The people said: Kapal ng mukha! The people have a right to free expression. Besides, who was really disrespectful: a graduating student saying the truth, or someone usurping the presidency and hitting the heads of people calling attention to that anomaly?

Indeed, kapal ng mukha is today’s best description to Mrs. Arroyo and her fake government.