Long live the Nepali people! Gyanendra-like usurpers and tyrants beware!

Kathmandu and the whole of Nepal are up in a national revolt against King Gyanendra who abolished the parliamentary government and proclaimed himself a supreme ruler. The Nepalis have had enough of his lies, including his claims that he is saving the nation from Maoism. For the Nepalis, he is a usurper who stole the leadership of the government and destroyed civil liberties and democratic rights.

Sometime today, the Nepali King have reportedly declared the return to “multiparty democracy” and offered the seven-party alliance the post of Prime Minister. This announcement is a far cry from the violent and brutal assault on a general strike called by the opposition that demanded he end his rule both as head of state and head of government. The King saw with his own eyes how the courageous Nepali people braved the bullets, truncheons, shields, and tanks that he ordered unleashed on the protesters. He ordered a curfew but few obeyed. More people disobeyed his orders and continued protesting in the streets.

Many have since died, with innocent blood running across the streets of Kathmandu and else in Nepal, a proof that even a people poor in means can still find a sense of decency and self-respect against a ruthless and despotic King who have deprived them of democracy and their rights.

For suffering the brunt of fascist attacks yet persisting in valiantly leading the national strike, the Communist Party of Nepal is cherished and valued highly by the Nepali people. The CPN looks bound to lead the new Nepali government.

Democrats from all nations celebrate the heroism of the Nepali people. We look forward to the removal of the King and the transformation of Nepal into a truly democratic and prosperous country. We congratulate them and take inspiration from how they stood up against a ruler who is a usurper, a tyrant and a fascist. Similar creatures — including pint-sized ones with moles on their cheek and a terribly big sense of self-importance — should beware because a similar fate


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