Introducing the Batasan 6 as bloggers

The Batasan 6 — the six partylist Members of Congress being subjected to political repression by the Arroyo government for their activism and consistent criticism of President Arroyo’s acts of stealing, cheating, lying and suppressing the people — have set up a team blog.

In a public announcement, the activist solons said that they will blog away at Arroyo, and expose her depraved acts of state terrorism against them and the people.

Satur Ocampo, the acknowledged leader of Batasan 6 and a respected pre-martial law journalist, has written two pieces: about his mother who he misses most this Lent and remembrances about Good Friday. Liza Maza’s virginal blog entry shares her insights in being a mother to two sons who love music. Meanwhile, Voltes 5 fan Teddy Casiño thanks Raul “Zuhl” Gonzalez for comparing the Batasan 5 with the superheroes.

This is a positive development, as it gives national democrats and the progressive mass movement a clear voice in the expanding Philippine blogosphere.

Incidentally, the blog has quickly attracted all sorts of anti-Left and anti-communist creatures who are having a heyday calling for the blood of Batasan 6. They make McCarthy turn in his grave in shame. They are doing a good job highlighting the undemocratic and anti-freedom character of those who seek to silence them.

The die is cast. The Batasan 6 are unstoppable in Congress, the streets and on blogosphere.