Support our farmers!

Today, thousands of farmers from all over Luzon will be marching to Mendiola to press their demand for authentic land reform.

They deserve all our help and support. If your house , school or office is along the route of their march from the DAR office to Mendiola, express your admiration for them. Give them water and food.

They’ve walked and traveled for days just to tell the President and all of us a simple message: Now, more than ever: Land to the tiller!


  1. lestercavestany

    Let’s give them our 100% support. Let’s support rural development. Agrarian reform is a critical key to make this happen. People in the urban areas always say that issues in the rural areas don’t concern them. In reality, it does. If people can’t earn a decent living in the provinces, they’ll be forced to migrate to urban areas and usually, this does not have a positive effect in the urban areas. — I think I said the word “areas” too many times 😉

  2. tonyo

    Hi Lester,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I’m sure Pinoy farmers appreciate our expressions of support. The Arroyo government does not welcome their protests. In fact, the farmers have been accused of being part of a plot to destabilize the government. Instead of sending concerned government officials, Mrs. Arroyo unleashed thousands of police along their path.

    Buti na lang walang reprise ng Mendiola Massacre.

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