Goodbye, Poofy Silverio

“My most favorite, dearest dog Poofy Silverio died last night at 1130PM of organ failure. She was 7 years old & 5 months old. She was much loved & will be deeply missed.”

Thus read my good friend Ina’s text message this morning. I am sure she’s mightily depressed, devastated even. I wonder how Kim is doing too.

Here’s a pic of Poofy from Ina’s Friendster page:

Poofy has been a loyal, loving and adorable companion to Ina. Poofy has been a mainstay in Ina’s life for seven long years. She’s brought Ina countless puppies, including Hiccup who’s now a Bulakenyo. Ina read stories to her, either those in book form and those that truly happened in Ina’s long work in Congress. Come to think of it, Poofy could’ve been very crucial to keeping Ina’s sanity all those years!

Here’s my beautiful Hiccup, one of Poofy’s many puppies:

Ginger, Jang’s best friend, is also one of the many daughters fans of Poofy.

For Ina and me, Poofy was almost like a person. She had her moods. She threw tantrums, and knew how to make tampo. She was sweet to Ina and all her friends, except perhaps to Kim who she perhaps knew was a competitor to Ina’s attention. But even Kim fell to Poofy’s charm despite him not liking dogs. We just heard word that Kim and Poofy slept together the whole time Ina was in Hong Kong. Just like Ina, it became okay for Kim to wake up covered with all those white balahibo.

I also fondly remember Poofy, having been Ina’s housemate twice — at Villa Beatriz and later at Pandacan. Poofy will always escape from the house and even miraculously sneaked out of a tiny opening at our place at Villa Beatriz. Ina was late for work that day because we had to find her. We shouted Poofy’s name all over the street for about an hour until we caught the attention of neighbors some two or three houses away. Alas — Poofy found another partner.

Poofy will do that over and over again in Pandacan. One time, she jumped off from the roof of Ina’s place and ended up “eloping” yet again with a neighborhood askal. Poofy was so pasaway — she always wanted to roam outside the Pandacan house that she ended at the city pound. No joke — Ina had to claim her there and saw the pitiful condition of other dogs.

Age eventually caught up with the frivolous Poofy last year, I think. She became sickly but remained amiable. She still knew me when I last visited her and Ina and Kim at their Quezon City home.

Goodbye Poofy! Thanks for being a great friend to Ina and all her pals.

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