Obama wins in Iowa, trounces Hillary

I’ve also been quietly following the quest for the Democratic presidential nomination, and I am amazed by the outcome of the Iowa caucuses which resulted in a big and decisive win for Barack Obama.

Watch Obama’s victory speech here or watch the YouTube video below:

Hillary Clinton placed third — after erstwhile vice presidential candidate John Edwards — after leading all national and Iowa state polls until the very last minute. Clinton’s machinery appears to be puny in the face of grassroots Democrats pining for a return to the White House.

Iowa is the first state to hold nominating primaries or contests in the “complicated” manner the two major US parties choose their presidential (and vice presidential) candidates. Go here for a shorter article about the process.

Sorry but I’m just disinterested with Republicans and the old farts gunning for the nomination.

I am looking forward to hearing Obama, Edwards, Clinton and their Republican counterparts speak about their proposed policies on the Philippines.

I hope the Filipino-American community will be able to invite them to forums so they can speak to them and exchange views on what needs to be done for immigrants and naturalized citizens, for the Filipino veterans, for US troops sent here, for US military aid, and the Philippine government amid the terrible human rights situation that has caught the attention of both houses of the US Congress.

There may not be any big changes in the offing whichever party or candidate emerges as winner in the polls, but Filipinos deserve to know what the putative leaders of the US intend to do to the Philippines.

Graphic courtesy of Associated Press/Yahoo! News.


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