Three gov’t websites hacked, pointed to Enchanted Kingdom

UPDATE: DOJ system administrators have fixed the DOJ hack.

UPDATE2: Justice Sec. Raul Gonzalez has ordered a probe into the incident.

UPDATE3: As of 7:30 pm, the PNP-CIDG and ITECC websites remain redirected to Enchanted Kingdom.

UPDATE4:’s Erwin Oliva reports that Enchanted Kingdom will also conduct its own investigation, and that PLDT affiliate Infocom hosts both the Enchanted Kingdom and ITECC websites.

UPDATE5: The ITECC website has been fixed while the PNP-CIDG website is down, as of 11:30 pm of Jan. 3.

Websites of three Philippine agencies were hacked on Thursday.

Redirected to the Enchanted Kingdom website were the sites of the Department of Justice, the Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, and the Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Council.

Here’s how it looked:

(click picture to enlarge)

In a 2006 speech, President Arroyo invited the public to join her in her travel to the Enchanted Kingdom which will turn the Philippines into a First World country in 20 years.

Thanks to Ederic for the heads up!

Visuals courtesy of and jhandumon.


  1. Terminator

    That’s great! It only shows how vulnerable our government agencies’ websites. Don’t wait for another hacking to happen in the future.

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