Abolish the VFACom and then terminate the VFA

Now that the Arroyo government has abolished the VFACom led by the arrogant prick Zosimo Paredes, it should take the next logical step: terminate the onerous Visiting Forces Agreement.

The events following the rape of a Filipina in Subic has shown the untenability of having such an unfair agreement tying our hands and preventing the prosecution of rapists who happen to be US military personnel. The VFA, which prevents the Philippines from obtaining custody over the rapists, has become a license for these alien troops to rape our women and get away with it.

On another note, the VFA has miserably failed to even make a dent in upgrading the capability of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to combat and crush the Abu Sayyaf, the CIA-instigated foil to the Moro separatist movement that has turned to banditry. There have been a good number of “military exercises” and “war games” between the US Armed Forces and the AFP but nothing good has come out of it. What Mrs. Arroyo had repeatedly described as “few” remains beyond the reach of the law, even with US direction and help.

This myth of US assistance being positive to the Philippine anti-terrorist fight should be looked into and probed as to its actual efficacy. This key argument has no basis in fact, as everyone sees. Well, excluding the blind and rabid pro-imperialists in the government and the military.

The US is getting more than they bargained for, (no) thanks to the VFA. It has a permit to reenter our shores, engage in training that their forces more than Filipino soldiers, undertake intelligence on US enemy organizations, and then fend off prosecution when US troops commit crimes such as rape.

Paredes and similar treasonous characters like Raul Gonzalez and other “closet” lawyers for the rapist US troops and the US Embassy should be fired from their jobs and sent off to the US on the next available flight. We do not need them here. There are other more competent, patriotic Filipinos who could be called “pulic servants” and occupy sensitive posts with the view of defending and not surrendering the national interest.

The termination of the VFA is not only morally right. It is a political imperative so as to make our people secure within our own territory from any attempt by aliens and alien military forces to violate our laws and our sovereignty as a nation.

Now if Mrs. Arroyo would not do this, it is yet another reason why she should immediately vacate the presidency.

(Photo courtesy of Arkibong Bayan and UNIFIL-HK)

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  1. Rizalist

    Thanks for caring so much about the Philippines. I hope you will also sign this Petition to save the children in Philippine Prisons as exposed on CNN’s World Report just this week. Mabuhay!

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